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2006 Gold Circle Award Winner From Professional Roofing Magazine (The official publication of the National Roofing Contractors Association), Gold Standards - May 2006
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2006 Gold Circle Award category:
Innovative solutions - new construction
Semper Fit Field House, Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Roof system type:
Standing-seam metal roof system and custom-formed box fascia

Aerial Photo showing the complexity of this roofing project In 2004, the largest Marine Corps fitness facility in the U.S., Semper Fit Fieldhouse, was constructed in Camp Pendleton. The 65,000-square-foot (6039-m˛) facility houses two gymnasiums, a multipurpose room, aerobics room, four racquetball courts, a weight-training and cardiovascular area, wellness room, locker rooms and a classroom.

With such a large facility, keeping air-conditioning costs low was a concern. Keystone Roofing, which was the company chosen to install the roof, addressed this issue when planning the roof system installation.

Keeping it cool

Keystone Roofing was chosen to fabricate and install a standing-seam metal roof system, and the installation included Custom-Bilt Metals' ULTRA-Cool™ coating to save energy and reduce cooling costs.

The company installed a barrel roof, flanked by adjacent curved radius wings, on the gymnasium.

"Titan Cap Seam panel was used on all barrel-shaped roof areas," says Mark Katona, owner of Keystone Roofing. "This panel was used to conform to the curved shape of the building over the gymnasium roof. It was able to be installed without the standard need to precurve the panels with a roll-forming machine."

The company installed 650 squares (5850 m˛) of Custom-Bilt Metals' CB-150 T-Panel standing-seam metal in Colonial Red to match other buildings on the base.

"CB-150 single-lock roof panel was used on all low-slope roof areas," Katona says. "This mechanically seamed panel prevents water from undermining this system during the most adverse weather conditions."

The new roof system also features a 22-gauge deck and GAF Materials Corp. Storm Shield underlayment. The ULTRA-Cool coating was used with the standing-seam CB-150 panels.

The buildings' shapes posed a challenge during the project.

"Given the complexity of the buildings' geometry, all areas to be roofed posed an array of challenges that defied conventional practices," Katona says. "Namely, lining up seams on irregularly shaped triangular sections so each seam ended uniformly with the opposing seam was challenging. When considering the low slope of some large portions of the roof, Keystone Roofing had to devise a way to make seamless panels, some of which had to be more than 160 feet (49 m) long. Harper Construction Co., the general contractor, Keystone Roofing and Custom-Bilt Metals devised a way to install 160-foot (49-m) panels, which to our knowledge is a one-of-a-kind application in the roofing industry."

Great expectations

Keystone Roofing realized the magnitude of the project when it began the work.

"From the onset, Bill Shatzer, the resident officer in charge of construction, stated, 'This project is considered to be the crown jewel of any job ever undertaken on a marine base throughout the U.S. and must be done on a world-class level.' And considering that commanding general of the base has a window looking directly at this building from his office, 'it better be perfect.'"

Harper Construction, which chose Keystone Roofing for the project, helped meet these expectations, Katona says.

"Harper Construction clearly has met the highest of standards," Katona says. "The company insists every trade on every job provide quality work that is second to none. To have been chosen to be involved with such an important job showed us they believed we were of the same caliber. That—more than anything—was what was most rewarding personally.

"As far as living up to the standard set forth to us from the onset," he continues, "it gave us the highest level of pride to be able to attain the most prestigious award our industry offers, the Gold Circle Award."

The award makes Keystone Roofing proud to be able to carry on a notable legacy.

"We feel the utmost pride that workers in the U.S. still continue to produce the same quality of work our forefathers employed while building the infrastructure of our great country," Katona says. "The principals of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship and uncompromising determination live on in whatever we set out to accomplish. The recognition of receiving the Gold Circle Award from NRCA verifies we are on the right track."

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