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Peter Cross and Crossfire - A Rock N' Roll Rastaman and his Musical Adventures - with Real Media Streaming Audio and MP3 downloads
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Our web site is all about rock and roll, freedom, dreams, infinite possibilities, and connecting the artist directly with the people.  Our music is simple, danceable, melodic, and often reflects a sense of humor born and baked in New York City and then deep fried in California.   We produce new "classic" style rock and roll, reggae, country/rock, and some crazy stuff too.   Click on one of CROSSBOW'S options below, and you'll find our songs either listed by type, or somewhere within the four different song collections.   When you click on a song title, you'll find the song page where you can read the lyrics while you listen with RealAudio or MP3's.   On each song collection page is an option for ordering our music, as we hope you will.   Whatever you do, we hope you will have fun with our music and with our web pages.   As Peter Cross often says, "Have a blast !   Knock yourself out !"   This is one of the only music web sites on the internet that was actually written and designed by the musician himself, without using a web page creation program.   If you want to have fun and get interactive with Peter Cross, the author and creator of this web site (originally designed and registered on the internet in 1996, and adopted by The Rombox in 1997), click on Communicate with Peter Cross.   He's the singer in the photo below:

Peter Cross and Crossfire
Rock and Roll Extravaganza

(The Official Rombox Interview with Peter Cross)


CROSSBOW by MAVERICK (drawn when he was 13 years old) The Crossfire Band

All Songs and Lyrics and Web Pages on this site Copyright 1996 © Peter Cross

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